Grant Application Guidelines for 2022-23 season

American Music Project Grant Application Guidelines

  1. AMP will award grants to performing organizations, presenters, orchestras, ensembles, or individuals for performances in the 2022-23 music season (taking place from September 1, 2022 to August 31, 2023).
  2. All AMP grant applications for the 2022-23 season must be submitted by September 10, 2022.
  3. While AMP does selectively commission new works, AMP is not accepting applications from composers directly for performances of their own music.
  4. AMP is awarding grants only for performances of American classical repertory.
  5. While programs may embrace contemporary works, applications that have the best chance of success will show some sense of American music of the past, especially neglected and rarely performed 20th-century American composers. Applications that contain substantial American works from the 19th and 20th centuries stand a greater chance of making the cut.
  6. For this coming season we request that two substantial works (longer than 12 minutes) from the 20th and/or 19th centuries be included.
  7. AMP funds are limited, so the best application advice is to be ambitious in scope and imagination while being modest in funds requested.
  8. Grants are to a large degree repertory-specific; therefore any grant awardee who materially changes their submitted program is in danger of forfeiting their grant.
  9. Performances must take place on or close to the dates specified or your grant will be forfeited. Grants may not be carried over to the next season
  10. Only those being granted awards will be contacted by AMP.
  11. Grants will be announced October 10, 2022.

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